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Amnesty International Ireland and Human Rights Abuses from Mass Medication of the people of Ireland

Mr. Colm O’ Gorman
Executive Director of Amnesty Ireland

27th March 2012

Dear Mr. O’ Gorman

You may not be personally aware but I recently submitted to Amnesty Ireland an electronic copy of a scientific report that addresses the legal, environmental and human health implications of enforced fluoridation of water supplies in Ireland. I forwarded this report to your organisation as it is a body whose primary focus is the protection of human rights and because I have previously raised significant funds for Amnesty when I participated in the Amnesty Trek Scotland event in 2007.

After numerous communications to your organization requesting an acknowledgment of receipt of my various communications I finally received an email from Mr. John Ryan informing me that Amnesty International has no position on the fluoridation of water and instead focuses its efforts on grave human rights violations around the world while also informing me that the issue to which I refer does not fall within those areas.

I note that the Mission statement for Amnesty is “Our sole concern is the protection of the fundamental human rights guaranteed to each one of us by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I also note that Amnesty has a very clear public information campaign ongoing in Ireland on mental health. 

Your website states that Amnesty “campaign for the right to mental health in Ireland, where we focus on using the human rights framework to demand action from Government. We campaign for a social approach in response to mental health that is focused on people’s rights, in particular the right to live a full life in the community and the right to choice in treatment.”

I find it difficult to relate both these very clear positions which Amnesty stand for with the reply I received from your colleague Mr. John Ryan. 

This is particularly the case when one examines the legal human rights issues addressed in my report in particular the Charter for Fundamental Human Rights and the Council of Europe Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Biomedicine as examined in my report, which show a clear violation of human rights by the Irish Government in pursing the mandatory medication of the population of Ireland through fluoridation of drinking water supplies.  This practice involves the injection of untested silicafluorides chemical compounds being added to water in violation of over 38 international treaties, European directives and policy initiatives on health, human rights, consumer rights, food safety and the environment.

The implications of this policy for mental as well as general health in Ireland are fully addressed in my report. While it is worthy that Amnesty campaign for the right to mental health in Ireland, I would add that scientific evidence now demonstrates the perhaps the greatest threat to mental health is the fluoridation of drinking water supplies as noted by Valdez- Jimenez et al. in the medical journal Nuerologia published in 2011, which found that the full toxic medical effects of water fluoridation  on human health can take 20 years or more to surface before it becomes evident causing serious brain and neurological damage in humans.

This in itself should be a major cause for concern for the Irish public and Amnesty as it is estimated that over 725,000 people in the Republic of Ireland suffer from neurological conditions more than twice the global burden for this disease. We are after-all the only country in Europe that has a mandatory policy for water fluoridation of public water supplies.

I would request once again that your organisation take the time to review the information in my report which can be downloaded from the following website:

The response of the authorities in Ireland particularly politicians and the HSE to this crisis is lamentable and makes sadly the Vatican look in comparison.

Lets be clear the implications of fluoridation has resulted in a healthcare and social crisis in this country, where Ireland has the highest levels of not just neurological disease in the world but cancer as well as cardiovascular disease and many other medical conditions that are directly related to exposure to silicafluorides. Where the reality is, that Irish bottle fed babies are exposed to multiples of the tolerable maximum recommended level of fluoride by consuming fluoridated water with milk formula, it is perhaps no coincidence therefore that Ireland has the highest prevalence of childhood epilepsy in Europe if not the world. Or Ireland has more then twice the level of osteoporosis and one of the highest incidences of fluorosis in the world where 40% of Irish children under 18years of age now present with physical evidence of chronic overexposure to fluoride. Add to this that scientific studies have conclusively demonstrated that the more fluoride a child is exposed to the lower their IQ or the link between fluoride exposure in drinking water and osteosarcoma bone cancer in children as demonstrated by Harvard University which found a seven fold increase of young boys developing the disease and why the incidence of this rare fatal disease is 30% higher in the Republic of Ireland compared to Northern Ireland (who don’t fluoridate) and the evidence is overwhelming.

I believe that if Amnesty really want to address inequality in healthcare, human rights and mental illness in Ireland that they read my report and address the route causes of this and campaign against the mandatory enforced medication of Irish people through water fluoridation.

Yours sincerely

Declan Waugh

PS: As of May 29th I have not received any response or acknowledgment to this correspondence either. As a consequence of their lacking basic common courtesy and for not refusing to even acknowledge my correspondence I have cancelled my membership of Amnesty and will no longer raise funds for this organization an organization that I have supported for many a year.

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