Monday, July 16, 2012

Fluoride and Consumers

Some interesting facts on fluoride from the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) that I came across this week. Canada like Ireland practices water fluoridation but unlike Ireland it is not mandatory national legislation and unlike Ireland most of Canada has chosen not to fluoridate their water supplies. 

The CPS advise that because the action of fluoride is topical (a fact supported by the European Commissions Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risk (SCHER) and the UK Government in their reviews on water fluoridation) no fluoride should be given before teeth have erupted. Why then are all bottle fed babies in Ireland under six months of age exposed unnecessarily to fluoride? This exposure risk does not exist in other EU countries as they do not fluoridate their public water supplies.  

Furthermore the CPS also state that ingested fluoride has little effect on preventing dental caries but contributes significantly to the development of fluorosis (a fact also observed both by the EU and UK reviews). 

This being an established scientific fact, why then are all Irish citizens unnecessarily ingesting fluoride when we drink tap water? and why is our food needlessly contaminated with fluoride when we use tap water to wash, prepare or cook food?

Perhaps someone might explain to Irish Consumers why are we ingesting fluoride at all when doing so has no beneficial effect on human health and only contributes significantly to the development of fluorosis and other health risks; not to mention contaminating our rivers, streams and soil given that 99.9% of fluoride added to water is not used for what it was intended and ends up being unnecessarily discharged into the environment where it accumulates with time.

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