Monday, July 16, 2012

The Irish Times: The joy of Science and the how ignorance begets confidence

Noting the editorial in the Irish Times  titled "The joy of science" (Saturday the 14th July) regarding the EuroScience Forum held in Dublin, the words of one Nobel laurette are quoted in advancing scientific knowledge.

In the spirit of scientific discovery, consumers in Ireland may be interested to know that no fewer than fourteen Nobel Laureates in medicine and chemistry have publicly warned of the human health impacts of fluoridating public water supplies. The most recent being Professor Arvid Carlsson PhD, world expert in neurological science, psychiatric disorders and pharmacology, who has stated on record that water fluoridation will harm some people who will exhibit side effects from exposure to fluorides and that fluoridation of public water supplies should not be considered as a public health policy.

In addition to Dr Carlsson over sixty distinguished professors from the worlds leading universities have also signed a petition along with thousands of physicians, dentists and scientists demanding an end to this crude, harmful and ineffective policy.  

Despite such concerns by leading scientists for over 40 years Irish government officials have confidently and  enthusiastically claimed that fluoridation of drinking water supplies is "safe and effective". However they omit to admit that the United States National Research Council (NRC) the British Medical Research Council and the European Commission Scientific Committee for Health and Environmental Risk (SCHER) have identified in excess of fifty comprehensive epidemiology, toxicology, clinical medicine and environmental exposure assessments requiring to be undertaken to demonstrate it's safety. Furthermore incredibly both the NRC and SCHER observed that no toxicological assessments have ever been undertaken on the hexafluorosilicic acid used for water fluoridation. It is obvious that no chemical should be added to public water supplies without evidence that it will not cause harm to consumers or the environment. 

The great natural scientist Charles Darwin observed that "ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge" in light of the lack of proper toxicological assessments on the safety of hexafluorosilicic acid, I would suggest that it is completely improper of Government Officials in Ireland to repeatedly contend that water fluoridation is safe and effective as a public health policy. Such an assumption is not based on science but rather ignorance.  

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