Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anyone city kicks the habit by ending water fluoridation

Pottstown Borough Authority, Pennsylvania's (population 22,510) is the latest town in USA to end fluoridation today.They commenced water fluoridation in 1955 when dental hygiene was less advanced and fluoridated toothpaste was not readily available on the market. The Council decided to stop water fluoridation as so many of its citizens were now overexposed to fluoride in their community that it was causing harm to their teeth resulting in dental fluorosis (approx 40% of children under 18years of age suffer from dental fluorosis in Ireland) and they believed that since more and more people were no longer willing to drink tap water due to health concerns regarding fluoride, that it was a waste of public taxpayers money to be fluoridating the entire water supply of the city especially now when fluoridated mouthwastes and toothpaste were universally available. They also believed that ending fluoridation would save the local authority much needed money. Ireland remains the last country in the European community to continue to support a policy that can only be defined as a criminally blunt and backward instrument of public health.

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