Monday, September 24, 2012

Finding a cure for the HSE

According to the National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI) one quarter of all deaths in Ireland are from cancer, up to 50% of sufferers are likely not to survive their disease beyond 5 years. The number of new cancer cases a year now stands at almost 30,000 new cases a year with over 8,500 deaths a year now recorded. According to the NCRI the incidence of cancer is expected to double by 2020 placing a catastrophic burden on the HSE and on society in general. International reports have established that it can cost up to €200,000 per patient from detection of cancer to death.

The fact is that the U.S Academy of Sciences, National Research Council determined in 2006 that fluoride “is known to cause or promote cancers”, the Californian EPA published a report on the carcinogenicity of fluoride in 2011, while the European Commissions Scientific Committee for Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) concluded last year that there is evidence to show that fluoride may cause osteosarcoma, an often fatal bone cancer in children. These findings only highlight the risks to public health of adding fluoride based chemicals to drinking water, yet no studies have even been conducted in Ireland to examine the wider medical implications of artificial fluoridation on peoples health. Without this data we have no idea how artificial fluoridation may actually be affecting peoples general health.

What is known, however, it is that the prevalence of certain cancers is up to 60% higher in the Republic of Ireland compared to the EU average as well as the highest premature deaths from ischemic heart disease in all 25 members EU States, we also have one of the highest prevalence of neurological illness with the highest prevalence of prescribed medication for depression in the world, as well as one of the highest incidences of epilepsy, osteoporosis and dental fluorosis, not to mention arthritis, diabetes and hypothyroidism.

One can only assume that no studies are undertaken because it's not in the State’s financial or legal interest to conduct any trials at all.

The EU commission have recently found (CM\911493EN August 2012) that the responsibility for ensuring adequate risk assessments to protect the most vulnerable from overexposure to fluoride, lies with member states that support water fluoridation. Vulnerable groups include for example bottle fed babies, diabetics and iodine deficient individuals. Why no safety standards exist in Ireland to protect these most vulnerable individuals is quite alarming, especially when, for example, in Canada and the USA parents are warned by medical and dental organisations that to prevent fluoride overexposure infants they should not use fluoridated tap water to make up formula milk.

There is now plenty of independent scientific evidence demonstrating that fluoride is dangerous while also highlighting that further research is urgently needed yet bizarrely the very public bodies that mandate that the public must consume fluoridated water refuse to undertake these studies or examine its potential wider health effects on the population.
Without this information the public and medical professionals cannot make informed decisions. This is why we need wider access to toxicological and clinical medical trials on water fluoridation and its there absence to end mandatory water fluoridation immediately. When we are fed bad data or no data at all, we make the wrong decisions, inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering, and perhaps death, on the citizens we are obliged to protect.
By ending water fluoridation in line with other European countries the wider benefit for the economy, society and the HSE may be immense. This ONE simply act would immediately reduce the overall populations exposure to a known toxin and could do more to reduce the overall budget costs for the HSE , while ultimately improving the health and wellbeing of Irish citizens.


  1. Please Join the Dublin Zombies marching through Dublin on Friday October 26 to ask FG why it has backtracked on its 2000 pledge to remove fluoride.
    Meet in Dundrum at 2pm or at Stephen's Green at 3pm

  2. Thanks for this! I still think that all this is nonsense that we know it's poison and it's up to us to prove it is as poisonous as everyone knows. What I am saying is that we don't need further science or stuff like that! We need them to stop and dump it into our drinking water. And not only this: we need them to refrain from dumping other poisons (that they will not have difficulties to find) into our drinking water after fluoride is out. They are evil people, only interested in profit, they don't care about anything else or else we would not have this in our water in the first place.

    So please don't take this as criticism but as constructive encouragement.

    Thanks very much!