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Duty of Care and Failure of Public Health Bodies to Examine the Health Risks of Fluoride Exposure

In 1961 Dr. Reuben Feltman and biochemist George Kosel published a scientific paper titled “prenatal and postnatal ingestion of fluorides-fourteen years of investigation” in the Journal of Dental Medicine (Volume 16. No 4. October 1961).

This investigation remains one of the most comprehensive studies on fluoride undertaken using a double blind placebo controlled examination. The study recorded clinical observations and revealed that a percentage of the subjects were sensitive to fluoride at relatively low levels similar to those found in fluoridated water in Ireland or in the few other countries that artificially fluoridate drinking water supplies.

Remarkably the sensitivity to fluoride presented as dermatologic, gastro-intestinal and neurological disorders amongst the population. It was found that in sensitive sub groups exposure to fluoride resulted in eczema also known as atopic dermatitis (inflammatory skin disorder) urticaria (hives), epigastric distress (pain from the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, colon or gallbladder with associated symptoms of nausea and vomiting), emesis (vomiting) and headache and that these conditions disappeared upon the use of placebo tablets only to recur when the fluoride was, unknowingly to the patient, reintroduced.

Many of these conditions are common especially in infants, who happen to be one of the most sensitive subgroups in the population to fluoride, due to the fact that their kidneys are not fully functioning and that 90% of fluoride they are exposed to remains absorbed in their bodies.  This is a worrying fact, especially for babies that are fed formula made up from fluoridated water which is the case in Ireland for over 90 percent of babies at 6 months of age. It is interesting therefore to note that studies have shown that up to twenty percent of children in Ireland have suffered eczema by the age of four. According to the Charles Institute, University College Dublin, in Ireland each year, 15% of all GP visits are attributed to a skin complaint. The prevalence of skin diseases such eczema has increased steadily over the past 20 years which coincidentally coincides with the ever growing exposure of the population to fluoride exposure in their diet from both water and dietary sources.  And today, between 25% and 33% of the Irish population suffer from a dermatological condition at any one time.
It is important to remember that Ireland remains the only EU Member State with a mandatory policy for fluoridation of drinking water supplies. This water is also used for making beverages, cooking, washing, and bathing. Dr. Feltman conclusively demonstrated using double blind studies and with the use of placebos that fluoride contributed to to a variety of conditions in the general population. In the conclusion to his study Dr. Feltman highlighted that much more research on the biological effects of fluoride is necessary. 

It is also important to note that Dr. Feltman was honoured by the American Academy of Oral Medicine for his outstanding contributing to medicine. Yet despite his recommendations, in Ireland or elsewhere, no public health study has ever been undertaken to examine the wider health implications associated with fluoride exposure, providing further evidence of the failure of public health bodies and related professions to meet their duty of care obligations to the public. This is especially the case when these very same bodies recommend and enforce mandatory fluoridation of the population through fluoridation of public water supplies, without undertaking adequate public health risk assessments.

Meanwhile Dental Health Foundation Ireland whose members sit on the Irish expert Body on Fluoride say that “Fluoridation of the public piped water supplies is the safest, most effective and most efficient method of preventing tooth decay.” and “Fluoride toothpaste is helpful but not as effective as water fluoridation.”

Yet unquestionably scientific evidence demonstrates  that despite Ireland being the only fluoridated country in the EU its children have the worst dental health. So clearly water fluoridation doesn’t work. Twenty years ago many other European countries had worse dental health than Ireland now Ireland lags behind them despite nearly all its children been exposed to fluoride from birth. The facts just don’t add up.

Regarding dental decay, the truth is that more and more research and scientific evidence shows that water fluoridation is actually associated with increased tooth decay. The most comprehensive US review carried out by the National Institute of Dental Research on 39,000 school children aged 5-17 years showed no improvement in dental health from water fluoridation. What it did show was that high decay cities have 9.34 percent more tooth decay in the children who drink fluoridated water.

It further demonstrated that nine fluoridated cities with high dental decay rates had 10 percent more decay than nine equivalent non-fluoridated cities. Meanwhile the worlds largest study  on dental decay, which examined 400,000 students, revealed that decay increased 27 per cent with a 1ppm fluoride increase in drinking water. In Japan, fluoridation caused decay increase of 7 per cent in 22,000 students (one of the reasons Japan stopped water fluoridation) while in the US a decay increase of 43 per cent occurred in 29,000 students when 1ppm fluoride was added to drinking water. This latest data from the WHO appears to support these findings as Ireland with the only policy of mandatory water fluoridation now has the worse dental health in Western Europe.  

Despite evidence to the contrary dental professionals by and large (a growing number of dentists are raising concerns on fluoride toxicity) still refuse to accept that fluoridation of water may expose individuals to unnecessary health risks. Dental bodies continue to claim that the only known impact of water fluoridation is dental fluorosis and that this is not a health concern. However this was not always the case, in fact, before water fluoridation ever commenced the journal of American Dental Association (Volume 31, page 1360, October 1944) highlighted the risks of overexposure to the population from fluoridation of drinking water and opposed any such policy on the grounds of health risks.

To find out why this advise changed, I would recommend that you read “Understanding the Fluoride Fraud” by Dr. Jim Maxwell DDS which is available to download here:

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