Saturday, February 2, 2013


"Science without criticality is unthinkable, for the only route to scientific objectivity is to question, not to 'accept'."

The Journal of the American Medical Association.

This week the Seanad representing the upper houses of the Oireachtas  defeated a private members motion by Senator David Norris and supported by Senator Fergal Quinn seeking a review of fluoridation in Ireland.  

The motion was not supported by either the Fine Gael or Labour Party who's Senators including John Gilroy, Denis Landy, Ivana Bacik, Colm Burke, Michael Mullins and Deirdre Clune all spoke against the need for a review of this policy, despite mounting international and national evidence highlighting the health dangers to the public of exposure to fluoridation chemicals.  Astonishingly most of these same delegates noted that to seek a review of this policy would only act to undermine public confidence in the Health Authority who are ultimately responsible for the implementation and promotion of water fluoridation in Ireland.
Two days previously the City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada had a public review of the evidence on fluoridation examining over 180 written submissions provided over the previous year, including evidence submitted by myself, as well as by proponents of water fluoridation such as Health Canada, in addition to hearing oral testimony.  The debate lasted 6 hrs with the City Council eventually voting overwhelming to end the practice of fluoridation 51 years after it fist commenced in Windsor.  Fluoridation has now reduced by over 25% in Canada in the past few years with approximately 30% of Canadians now provided with fluoridated water. Reviews of fluoridation are ongoing in the remaining few cities that still practice this policy and it is expected that shortly Fluoridation will no longer be practiced in Canada.

The lord Mayor of Windsor is a Biochemist and Lawyer and therefore well qualified to examine the evidence.  In his own words the City Council
“made the best decision based on the best information available and whenever you make the best decision with the best information and as long as its an informed decision with good intentions centered around public good, then you cant go wrong.”

He noted in particular the following
“Hexafluorosilicic acid is a chemical and medicating the public water supply is adding a chemical to your food, people have a right to know what chemicals they are exposed to."

The mayor also said
“People today are more informed, and more in tune with and more aware of what it is in that’s in their food supply, and with the  growing level of concerns that have been raised more and more people and becoming active to become more knowledgeable about the different things that are added to their food supply.”

You can listen to an interview with the Lord Mayor of Windsor City Council on why he voted to end water fluoridation on this link provided below.

In comparison to Windsor, the Seanad debate lasted just over an hour with just eleven of the 60 Senators in attendance and no journalists of members of the media.
No independent scientific evidence was presented and no independent expert witness was invited or allowed to contribute to the debate. 
Senator David Norris who submitted the motion, is a former independent Presidential candidate in Ireland, a noted humanitarian, civil rights activist and scholar. In opening his speech in the Seanad the Senator noted that in the 25years of being a member of the upper house he had never on any subject received so much correspondence from members of the public who were opposed to this policy. 
It is clear that the Irish public are becoming more informed about this subject and are no longer willing to accept that medicating the population with an untested industrial chemical without proof of safety and without their consent is acceptable.
I thank the honorable Senator David Norris and Senator Feargal Quinn for raising this extremely important subject in the upper house of the Oireachtas, they both have clearly taken the time to inform themselves on this subject and not rely entirely on the ‘expert body’ who’s members are largely drawn from a profession that has actively and aggressively promoted fluoridation for the past 50years in Ireland and abroad, and who are certainly not independent nor unbiased in their views on this subject. Similarly the one public health officer and one medical laboratory specialist who sit on the ‘expert body’ both work for the very organization that endorses this policy and as such are unlikely to question a policy which their employer supports. 

During the debate a lot of clearly inaccurate and misleading information was provided in opposition to Senator Norris's motion that will need to be addressed fully and which I intend to document at a later date. This is a very serious matter given the implications for public health. 

The decision of the Seanad in light of actions taken internationally and within Europe while regrettable only serves to further weaken the position of the Government and the HSE and motivate the public to demand accountability by politicians on this unsafe policy.

Respectfully yours

Declan Waugh