Monday, April 8, 2013

False and Inaccurate Statements by Expert Body of Fluorides and Health

When the spokeperson for the organisation that is entrusted for protectionn of public health from exposures to fluroide does not even know the true statistics on health for this country and continues to misrepresent and downplay the alarming statistics for Ireland, the public should be very concerned.

It is important to challenges these inaccurate misrepresentations of official data from the World Health Organization as they are often used by proponents of fluoridation to support their opinions that there is no scientific evidence to demonstrate that fluoridation has contributed to increased illhealth, disease or mortality.

Official data from the WHO health database for Europe shown below clearly shows that these comments by Dr Joe Mullens are inaccurate. What this data clearly and unequivocally demonstrate is that the cancer incidence rate for the Republic of Ireland is TWICE the European incidence level. Cancer incident rates in Ireland are approximately 40%, 32% and 18% higher than France, Norway and Denmark.

Within the entire continent of Europe and Euro-Asia only one country has a higher cancer incident rate than Ireland and that is Hungary.

Comparisons between Ireland an original member of the EU 15 and Hungary is difficult. The risk factors for cancer in Ireland are lower than Hungary for example the prevalence of regular smokers among the population aged 15 years and over is significantly higher in Hungary compared to Ireland while both countries have similar levels of alcohol consumption. Air quality in particular PM10 in cities in Hungary is significantly worse than in Ireland.[1],[2]

However rather than examining the overall cancer incidence one needs to examine the data for cancers that are particularly relevant to Ireland being the only EU country with a policy mandating the intoxication of its public with water fluoridation chemicals.

Water fluoridation chemicals are low dose endocrine disrupting chemicals. These types of chemicals are associated with endocrine cancers, for example, breast, prostate and uterine cancers. 

The incidence of prostate cancer in the ROI is the highest of all 30 European countries and is over 60% higher than the EU average. In fact the incidence for Ireland is 180 per 100,000 ranking it number one in the world for this cancer followed by fluoridated Australia/New Zealand at 104 per 100,000 compared to the Western European average of 93 per 100,000. Cancer screening and PSA testing is common in all these countries. According to the European Environment Agency there is evidence linking foetal exposure to EDCs with prostate cancer.

The National Cancer Registry Ireland have suggested that the higher incidence of prostate cancer in Ireland is due to PSA screening, Yet this statement is directly contracted by published facts. The world’s largest prostate cancer screening study – the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer (ERSPC) which commenced in 1992 and involved eight European countries including Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland did not include the RoI. According to one of the world leading prostate cancer specialists Dr. Catalona Ramon Guiteras, PSA screening is widely used in countries such Sweden, Austria, France and Spain. Dr Guiteras further observed that prostate cancer death rates continue to increase in countries where PSA screening has not been widely adopted such as: Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Bulgaria, and Belgium.[3]

In addition Ireland has been found to have the highest incidence rate of Ovarian cancer in Europe, as well as higher incidence rates of colorectal, lung, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and pancreatic cancers compared to the European average. Furthermore the incidence colorectal cancer was 15% higher than the EU average for females and 11% higher for males.[4]

It is a fact Ireland has the highest incidence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (for females) in all 27 EU Member States. The HSE have noted that if the occurrence of non- Hodgkin's lymphoma continues to rise at the current rate, it is estimated that it will be as common as breast or lung cancer by 2025.[5]

Interestingly globally the highest incidence of this disease is to be found in the United States of America, followed by Australia/New Zealand. Fluoridation of drinking water is also practiced in each of these countries.

It has been reported that within the last two decades thyroid cancer has become the fastest rising neoplasm among women in North America (Holt, 2010).[6] In Ireland since the early 1970’s there has been a documented 2.5 fold increase in thyroid cancers.[7] This period happens to also coincide with water fluoridation in Ireland. It is interesting to observe that thyroid cancer rates in Sweden reduced by 18 per cent in the period after cessation of water fluoridation.[8]

Dr Joe Mullins has not corrected his false statements of which this was just one of many. In fact the Irish Expert Body have yet to reply to the rebuttal of Dr Mullens unprofessional and inaccurate appraisal of Declan Waughs report last year. When the Expert Body were asked by a journalist recently if they intend to respond to this comprehensive submission they replied they will not be responding. Says a lot for standards of governance and transparency in such a publicly funded organisation.

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  1. Joe Mullen (I think that's his real name) is a scumbag. The links on this page don't work for me. It would be good if you could provide the web addresses so they can be copied and pasted.

  2. Sorry, I should have specified that I meant the links for the references.

  3. I think my "correlation does not imply causation" comment from your previous post still applies. You've established that Ireland has the second-highest cancer rate in the EU 27 and the highest in the EU 15, correct. But there's nothing linking it to fluoridation.

    Ireland also has a high obesity rate, linked to a high-fat diet, as well as one of the highest (if not the highest) alcohol consumption rates in the EU. These are both much more plausible causes.

    It's noteworthy that the other countries you singled out also share these factors - the US and Australia also have massively high obesity rates as well as quite high rates of alcohol consumption. They are all also anglophone countries with fairly similar diets.

    Basically, I don't see anything in the data presented that identifies fluoridation as a cause. If you really believe the differences are caused by fluoridation, you'll need to prove it by, at the very least, doing an analysis that controls for these confounding variables.

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  5. Fluoride is verified as an endocrine disruptor. It interferes with thyroid hormones as well as glucose metabolism. The 2006 US. National Research Commitee on Fluoride in Drinking Water verified that medical fact. A 2015 report out of England verified that fluoridated communities with .7 ppm have more than twice the diagnosed cases of low thyroid. Consequently, it is logical to assume that fluoridation the elevated rates of obesity and diabetes that we see in fluoridated Irish, American and Australian communities are being at least inflated by fluoridation..... for scientific references, look to the 2006 NRC report and the 2015 letter from Erin Brockovich and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.