Friday, October 24, 2014

Journalism and Fluoridation in Ireland

The Irish Times newspaper in recent articles have repeatedly stated that anyone who questions fluoridation is either unscientific, a conspiracy theorist or unreliable. Such poor quality journalism only acts to demean the value of this newspaper. Recent published opinion pieces by the Irish times including articles by Peter McGuire, Donald Clarke,and David Robert Grimes demonstrate a lack of understanding of the most basic issues surrounding fluoridation of water; including total fluoride exposure of the Irish populace from all dietary sources, including medications and tea consumption, or how infants are exposed to doses of fluoride that exceed the maximum tolerable dietary intake established for a healthy adult.

Mandatory fluoridation of water presents enormous public health risks to consumers in Ireland for many reasons, first we have the lowest prevalence of breast feeding in the world, consequently infants in Ireland are exposed to higher lifetime exposures to fluoride, secondly fluoride has been identified as a risk factor in Down’s syndrome which Ireland has the highest incidence of in the world, thirdly fluoride is a metabolic and enzymatic poison which contributes to endocrine disorders especially among members of the population with low iodine intake. Iodine deficiency is a recognised major public health problem in Ireland. Fourthly, the Irish population are the largest consumers of tea globally, over 50 published studies have demonstrated that tea contains very high levels of fluoride, as such, the population already have a significant exposure to fluoride from this source alone.  Fluoridation of water further therefore contributes to excessive dietary fluoride intake among tea drinkers, who may already have excessive dietary fluoride intake as identified by recent published studies in the UK and Taiwan. Last but not least, mandatory fluoridation is undertaken to treat a disease, dental caries and is as such medication without informed consent. This is the view adopted by Authorities in Germany and other European countries.

The Irish Times by continuing to publish blatant falsehoods about the public health risks associated with fluoridation only discredit journalistic standards and scientific debate in this country. Many leading scientists from Nobel Laureate Professor Carlson neuropharmacologist at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, Professor Hardy Limeback (Professor of Preventive Dentistry with a PhD in Biochemistry, Doctorate in Dentristry) to Dr Kathleen Thiessen (Toxicologist and leading member of the U.S. National Academy scientific committee on fluoride), Professor Isaacson (Professor in Neurological  Behavioural Science), Dr. Russell Blaylock (Neurosurgeon), Professor William Hirzy PhD, former risk assessment scientist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Professor Dan Merfeld, PhD. Harvard Medical School, Professor Anna Strunecka PhD, Professor of Physiology and international expert in childhood development disorders, Dr. Paul Connett, PhD in Chemistry, Professor Emeritus in Environmental Chemistry,  Professor Vyvyan Howard, Toxicologist and head of the Developmental Toxico-Pathology Research Group-Professor of Bioimaging at the University of Ulster. Dr William Marcus PhD, retired Senior Science Advisor United States Environmental Protection Agency, Professor Boyd E. Haley PhD, Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Anna Goodwin Medical Oncologist, Professor Stephen Peckam, Professor Health Policy University of Kent and Director of the UK Department of Health funded Policy Research Unit. Professor (Dr) A K Susheela, Head of the Fluoride and Fluorosis research at the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, Professor (Dr.) Roger Masters graduate of Harvard University and University of Chicago, former professor at Yale university. Prof. Arnon Afek, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Professor William T Potter, Professor of Biochemistry, Dr. Pierre-Jean Morin, PhD. PhD. in Experimental Medicine. Dr. Ana Marta Pardillos,  PhD, BSc Biochemistry, Cardiovascular Toxicologist, Dr, Richard Sauerheber, B.A. Biology, PhD. Chemistry, Dr. James S. Beck, M.D., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Medical Biophysics, Dr. Neil J. Carman, Ph.D Biology, Dr. Richard F. Edlich, MD, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Plastic Surgery, Biomedical Engineering and Emergency Medicine, Dr. Howard W. Mielke, Ph.D., specialist in environmental health and toxicology, Dr. Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH, Dental Clinician, Dr. Dianne A. Pacheco MD, Dr. Jim Maxey DDS,  Dr. Bruce Spittle, MD, Dr Michael Godfrey MD, Dr Elizabeth Cullin MD, Dr Philip Michael MD, Dr. Neville Wilson MD, Dr. Hans Moolenburgh, Dr. Eiichi Tohyama, Dr. Jennifer Luke MD PhD, Dr. Peter Mansfield MD, Dr. David Morry PhD, Cancer Toxicologist, Dr. Craid Steinmaus M.D. Epidemiologist, Dr. Elise Bassin, formerly of Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Shih-Chun Candice Lung, PhD Environmental Health Management Harvard University,  Biomedical Expert, Chung Shan Medical University Taiwan, Dr. Bjorn Gillberg, Dr. Olof Lindahl, Professor of Orthopaedics, Dr. Gunnar Gustafsson, Professor of Oral Pathology, Dr. Jan Sallstrom, Ph.D. Professor of Experimental Pathology and many more too numerous to mention, have raised serious concerns regarding the long term health risks associated with this policy and their concerns have not been reported by the media.

As a demonstration of the level of censorship within the media in Ireland, neither the Irish Times, nor any other national press publication, nor any radio broadcasters including RTE or independent Tv or radio stations reported that Israel one of only 3 countries in the world which implemented a mandatory policy of water fluoridation similar to Ireland ceased water fluoridation this year. The decision was made by the Minister for Health, based on serious concerns regarding the harm that fluoridation was causing to children and women. Her decision was supported by her advisor Professor Arnon Afek, who is an expert in pathology and medical administration. 

Prof Afek stated that he personally supported the health minister’s decision to prohibit fluoridation as “mandatory fluoridation is medical treatment and individuals have the right to decide if they want it or not.”

Today, only two countries globally have mandatory national policies requiring citizens to consume fluoridated water, Ireland and Singapore. In these countries there is no free choice for consumers. They are being medicated against their wishes.

It is simply extraordinary that in Ireland, the only EU country with a policy of mandatory fluoridation of water, that journalists and editors of newspaper and other media sources, appear incapable or unwilling to objectively report on this harmful policy, raising serious questions regarding journalistic ethics and standards and the social responsibility of journalists to report unbiased accurate information.


  1. Excellent letter! Thank you for your research. The articles on the mandatory fluoride policy that I've read in Irish newspapers have been unbelievably biased in favour of maintaining the Government's status quo on the issue. They are putting a biocide that can't be put in a landfill in the EU, into our water and forcing us to be exposed to it! The lack of debate on such an important health and ethical issue beggars belief.

  2. The Irish Times has a long record of doing the bidding of the fluoridators. Before the 2007 general election, John Gormley and the Green Party chickened out of their anti-fluoridation stance (despite all their promises to stop fluoridation), and that was largely because Gormley was frightened by the IT ridiculing anti-fluoridation views. The IT published numerous pro-fluoridation pieces, by their science journalist Dick Ahlstrom, by their pet scientist William Reville (no doubt influenced by his UCC colleagues Denis O'Mullane, Helen Whelton, Albert Flynn...), and so on. And the IT rejected numerous anti-fluoridation letters.
    Another probable factor in 2007 was that Geraldine Kennedy was sticking up for her old friend Mary Harney, then the Minister for Health and ultimately responsible for fluoridation.
    In contrast to this, Fine Gael has a history of opposing fluoridation (Richie Ryan, their 2001 promise to end fluoridation...) but I suppose their commitment to do Washington's bidding is what wins out. And now we have health minister Varadkar working hard to force Irish people to pay for poisoned water.